Interview Coaching

Today it is more important than ever to make a statement and present yourself in the best way possible to a potential employer. Study after study and survey after survey shows that the vast majority of hiring professionals and human resource managers feel that most job candidates do not, in fact, interview well at all.

Due to increased demand, Walkup Career Management offers powerful tools and coaching sessions to address concerns surrounding the interview process.  Holding certifications in both résumé writing and interview coaching in conjunction with hiring experience and ongoing training, Walkup Career Management is positioned to assist clients from the beginning stages through the interview and salary negotiations.

Résumés -> Interview -> Job Offer  -> Salary Negotiations

Developing résumés that secure job interviews that lead to job offers.

Résumés open doors, networking establishes contacts, cover letters introduce résumés, references substantiate data, but interviews decide whether or not one gets hired.  Walkup Career Management delivers techniques that build confidence, improve self-esteem, and provides a competitive advantage during an employment interview. Everyone has something to offer, it is just a matter of properly communicating your value to the future employer.

Also introducing salary negotiations…
Now you’ve survived the interview process, landed an offer, and you’re asked what you expect to get paid. Most people are uncomfortable with salary negotiating, and even more so not knowing when and where to incorporate it into the employment meeting process.

Walkup Career Management provides a salary negotiation tool, placing client in a powerful position during salary negotiation process.  Knowing how to negotiate your salary could mean the difference of taking a $15,000 increase or more!


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