Helping You Find The Right Person

Walkup Career Management strives to make individual business clients achieve their career goals and be productive and proactive employees at work while partnering with small businesses in their effort to effectively hire and retain quality employees.

Everyone wants a job that is fulfilling and every business owner/manager wants their employees to be productive. Walkup Career Management has seized this opportunity to get each side to achieve their respective goals.

We work with businesses to hire the right person so that they can avoid future costs of turnover. Although there is no guarantee a person will stay once hired, Walkup Career Management uses highly effective tools in their process to pick the best candidate available. Below outlines the Cost of not hiring the right person and the Cost of not retaining the right people:

The Cost Per Hire can be figured by factoring in the internal cost, external cost, candidate interview expenses and any direct fees associated with the new hire.
Internal Cost -  Cost of company’s personnel. The time that an internal representative spends on reviewing résumés and interviewing candidates.
External Cost – Fees to pay and cover the cost of an outside recruiting agency.
Candidate Interview Expenses – Money you spend on flying in candidates for interviews (or miles in a car), lodging, meals, or relocation expenses if applicable.
Direct Fees – Advertising, job or college recruitment fairs, etc.

You want to be sure when you hire someone, they are the high quality person you are looking for and are a good fit in the culture of the business/organization. This formula can also be factored in when you consider retaining someone in your business. The cost of turnover can be quite high.

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